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Employee Profile - Sebastian Schiano

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

If somebody asked me in high school whether I'd be working in the exciting, fast paced world of commercial TV, I'd probably have thought it was a far off dream. Though only 4 years later, the last 16 months have not been short of fast paced, enlightening and healthily challenging.

Born and raised in the Great Southern town of Katanning, I moved to my mother's place in Capel at age 13 to study at Bunbury Catholic College, graduating in 2014. During my teenage years in Capel I became heavily involved in the local volunteer group; the Shire of Capel Youth Advisory Council, a group developed to assist Local Government consultation and operate engaging activities and opportunities for young people. YAC opened an opportunity into politics and soon I was the Youth Member for Collie-Preston in the YMCA Youth Parliament and travelling interstate.

Shortly after graduating I was offered a position interstate to work on a high profile state election campaign in the NSW Northern Rivers. Putting on hold my successful application to study Economics & Marketing at the University of Western Australia. Months after returning to WA, I continued my work with the YMCA and Shire of Capel before raising my hand to run for Local Government. In October 2015 I was elected as the youngest Local Government Councillor in WA history at aged 18.

As the new year of 2016 turned over I begun a 13 month journey managing two state election campaigns in the South West, concluding in March 2017. At that point I was honoured to be offered a position at FIREY Productions as Production Manager, and the opportunity to work in a marketing atmosphere similar to the one I had dreamed of when studying for university.

Apart from my passion for politics, I'm equally known amongst my colleagues and friends for my passion of cars, in particular my families love for Holden.

In 2017 I was lucky enough to secure my own piece of automotive history and purchased one of the last Holden VF Black Edition Commodore's. Holden has been a part of my family for decades, from my Nonno's EJ's and my dads HZ GTS and HQ Belmont Ute. Here's a gallery of my car and some of my families to get you though the work day.

Today, my girlfriend Sarah and I live in Capel and are gearing up to re-contest my position on the Shire of Capel in 2019, while she begins her life as a primary school teacher, graduating with a Bachelor of Education last year.

My role at FIREY is a diverse one, from general administration to assistant producer on the set of many of our ongoing projects. But most of all the management of our valued customers TV commercials and production. If you ever call the FIREY office you're most likely to hear from me!

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