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The Evolution of TV

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

A few months ago Think TV Australia - a marketing initiative of the Australian advertising industry released its 2017 Annual Fact Pack, which had some interesting insight into the way Australian's have evolved to use their TV and how they enjoy video content.

To begin, a lot has happened to TV this decade. In the last 8 years consumers have seen the offering of CatchUp TV flourish with almost every Australian network now offering similar services, Netflix Australia launched in 2015 and there's now over 105 satellite TV channels. This chart from Think TV visualised this timeline.

Think TV's evolution of Australian TV

There's no doubt the booming way to enjoy video content is through the internet, though live streamed TV still remains Australia's number 1 way to enjoy TV. Meaning more than 60% of Australian's are still tuning in to watch their favourite programs on live TV than on catchup or streaming. In fact, on average Australians spend over 81 hours a month watching broadcast TV.

OzTam studies find 64% of TV usage is live TV

So as audiences begin to change their watching habits, how can advertisers and businesses who rely on the success of commercial TV platforms get the most out their marketing? Though local TV is the best medium to get your message out, the key is in quality video content which can affectively deliver a message through traditional and new media.

FIREY Productions is focused on creating TV/video content suitable for all video platforms whether it be TV, Facebook, websites, Youtube and any other video advertising you can think of. To get the most out of a FIREY Productions TV commercial think about uploading it to your Facebook and online platforms as well. It's easy to set up advertising on Facebook to compliment your TV campaigns. Something we may cover in a future article.

For more information contact FIREY Productions on 9792 1400.

**2017 Annual Fact Pack created by ThinkTV and avaibale as part of their "pinchable charts" at

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